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AMPZ configuration freezes backend


I've first installed AMPZ for Joomla 4 in a test server. Everything was Ok. I was able to set up positioning, network and buttons appeareance.

Later I transferred the test to a public server, under a domain name, with Cloudflare proxy and caching. The frontend is Ok but I can't enter the configuration anymore.

When I select the AMPZ component in backend, it shows me the statistics, which are very interesting. But when I triy to modify configuration, I can't change anything. I can't switch between placement, networks, design, mobile, etc. The main buttons (save, save&close, close and help) doesn't do anything and I can't leave the page and return to Joomla administration.

In the test site (without domain, cloudflare and caching) the component works fine.

I will appreciate very much you help.

Thank you,

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