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Facebook count is always zero

Hello! I've bought your extensions 2 years ago, suddently it stop working and all shares went to 0, so i bought it again in order to install the new version. Problem is partially solved: Linked shares are fine, Facebook shares are always zero.
Take a look to this URL: https://www.biancoebruno.it/operatori/retail/item/6128-il-venditore-felice-fa-felice-l%e2%80%99azienda-per-cui-lavora
The page shows 3 Linkedin shares and 0 Facebook shares. But the article was shared lot of times (check it here: https://www.sharedcount.com/ ).
Also in your statistic is first for sharing counts (i know that can be differences between the real shares and your statistics.. but 400 against 0 is a lot of difference), please see the attachment.
How can i show correctly the facebook shares in the total?
Thank you!
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