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Inconsistencies with counting

ood Morning:

I just bought this component (ampz) and last night I put it to work. But I have some questions for data that do not match me. For example, if I see in the statistics box, the articles have a number in the shared timestamp (see fig 1), which does not match the data that appears in the article (see Fig. 2). And if I log in with a user to facebook, it shows me (in figure 2), the times that I have shared that article with that user, not the total sum of my shared times and those of the other users of the network.
In addition, the counter, when having a user entered, for example the one of Facebook, increases the count at the moment of clicking on the button of the network, not when clicking on "publish on Facebook". That allows false counting of shared times, because it can be aborted, without having actually shared it.

I await your prompt help.

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