30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We stand behind AMPZ 100% - see our refund policy

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30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

30 Days Money
Back Guarantee

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100% risk-free! If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, we will refund your money without any hassle. No questions asked.

Refund Policy

We firmly believe in and stand behind our product 100%, but we understand that it cannot work perfectly for everyone all of the time. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or you have an issue that we are unable to resolve, we are more than happy to provide a complete refund within 30 days of your original purchase.

A few conditions:

  1. We cannot provide refunds due to technical issues unless you allow us to adequately try and assist you. If we are unable to resolve the issue for you, we will provide a refund. Please get in touch so we are able to help solve the technical issue.
  2. Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days no refunds can be processed.

To submit a refund request, please get in touch.

  • AMPZ Review by John Baskerville★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by John Baskerville

    This is the social sharing extension we have been waiting for. Support this developer, for making us all look great!
  • AMPZ Review by Antonis Mitilineos★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by Antonis Mitilineos

    Excellent plug-in with lots of options for simple or advanced implementations! This is another one of the carefully selected extensions we chose for our, still under-development, demanding project...
  • AMPZ Review by Nick Loggie★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by Nick Loggie

    Great plugin works like a charm. Very flexible. I had a small compatibility problem with another module and Roy leapt in and within 15 minutes (yes 15 minutes) had it working.
  • AMPZ Review by Maico Boumans★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by Maico Boumans

    By far the best social sharing extension for Joomla. Out of the box. Many options for customizing. Quick and amazing support...
  • AMPZ Review by Li-Shaoran★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by Li-Shaoran

    Definitely one of the best purchases I've ever done, everything works, the support is amazing. Highly recommend to all.
  • AMPZ Review by Janet Mercer★★★★★

    AMPZ Review by Janet Mercer

    This is a great extension. I needed some customization and Roy quickly answered my questions and sent me revised code! Recommend!
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide support if I get stuck using roosterz extensions?

Do you provide support if I get stuck using roosterz extensions?

Of course! if you buy a license for any roosterz extension I will offer 1 on 1 dedicated support until the license expires. Expiration of support depends on the version of the extension you purchase. Next to personal support you are also able to use the forum or documentation section on the website. Information on how to get dedicated support will be emailed to you directly after purchasing an extension.
What happens when my subscription expires?

What happens when my subscription expires?

The extension will still work fine but you will no longer have access to regular software updates and support. We highly recommend to maintain an active license to keep your extensions up to date and protect you against security vulnerabilities, and incompatibilities with future Joomla versions.
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase I will refund it without any hassle. If you are having configuration issues please use the support first. If this still does not help you, just get in touch with me via email to obtain a refund. Please note that the refund period is 30 days after purchase date and you are not allowed to use the plugin on any sites afterwards.
Which payment methods are supported?

Which payment methods are supported?

There are a few payment possibilities on Next to PayPal, the most popular online payment method, also paying with a Credit Card is possible. If that still does not work for you for whatever reason, please get in touch with me and we will figure it out.
Can I use an extension on multiple domains?

Can I use an extension on multiple domains?

Yes, you can use a roosterz extension on multiple domains. The number of domains is dependent on the subscription you have purchased. Please keep in mind that only support is provided for the amount of domains that comes with the version you purchase. See the pricing tables for more information.
Will my subscription extend automatically?

Will my subscription extend automatically?

No, you are not locked into any subscription plan and you will not get an extension automatically. Each subscription lasts for a specific duration and will expire if you choose not to renew. You will be notified by email prior to your subscription expiration. By the way: during checkout you can enable automatic renewal, which might give you peace of mind with updates for as long as you choose and with an extra benefit of extra discount! :-)

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