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I'm working on a new site, and I can't get the youtube and instagram (follow) buttons to work.
I can only see the regular share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I saw three other posts here in the forum, one said that by deleting the URL, saving, and adding again it worked, but not for me.
Other said that it was a conflict with font awesome, but that is also not my case (and even so I edited my index.php and removed the font awesome loading to test).
And to another one you answered "please check if the Fly In or Sidebar is set to "Follow Buttons" in the Follow or Share Buttons", which I can't understand (and I didn't find any "share buttons options in the sidebar edit screen). Also, your docs only mentions "follow buttons" in the fly in mode (yet your forum answer state both fly in and sidebar).

By checking the site in the inspector, the follow buttons are not even loaded.
There are only three
  • in the Ampz area, for the share buttons.

    If I'm understanding it right, by looking at the fly in edit screen, you can only show share OR follow buttons, but that's nonsense (sorry to say that, but it's true).
    Most people will have a mix of social networks, some allow to share, others just to follow.
    I have Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as shareable, and Instagram and YouTube as follow.

    So, I've tried a few other things as well.
    In the "networks" configuration, you say to replace "YOURPAGE" with the username, but there is a + sign there in your default text.
    I tried both pasting the full URL and keeping your + sign and pasting just the username, and none worked.
    By the way, should we keep the + sign? If not, can you remove it from future versions?
    It's downright confusing, and I'm a UX designer with 10+ years in the field.
    If that + sign is needed for any reason, please add text stating that.
    But the best solution would be for you to ask just for the username in the field.
    And for the cases of dumb users who can't read instructions, you can add jquery to auto-remove the URL before the username onChange.

    Thank you for this great extension.

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