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Hi all,

I've just subscribed and downloaded AMPZ Social Sharing. I really like it so far. I've an issue that I need to get fixed before the end of the week when the website will be launched.

I've created a short-code to display my share buttons in a text block in Yootheme and on desktop and tablet mode everything is working perfectly. However in mobile view the share icons are going onto 2 lines; if there are 4 buttons the first 3 will display on the top line and the 4th will go onto the next line. The same with 3 or 2; I get 2 lines and I only want one. I have check the settings in the Yootheme Builder and a line of test will display across the mobile window as normal. Any help would be greatly received.

I'm attaching a few screenshots to help you visualise. I'm hoping I missed something really simple.

Thanks in advance
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