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Social Buttons on k2 item/category view

HI there!

I've published horizontal and vertical buttons on k2 item view and k2 category view. On normal k2 item view (intro/full text) everything works fine.

1) But on k2 category pages all links (social buttons, k2 tags, read more button ...) become inaktive (not clickable) in whole main content while the links in sidebar left/right remain clickable.
K2 category view is not excluded by plugin placement settings.

2) Also I have some k2 items where I place some modules instead of normal intro/full text. On these pages the social buttons show a strange placement. The bottom horizontal social buttons are placed within a category list of a module.
Examples: or

3) So I created a shortcode to place the buttons manually on the above mentioned k2 items. But know I have to exclude these items with the plugin placement settings. Although I have increased “Max list count" to “99999" (there are many Items) I can't select the k2 items to be excluded. The multi selection list shows none.

4) Something different: On frontpage I need to have the background of the mobile social buttons transparent. Please see screenshot attached. With the plugin mobile settings I wasn't able to fix this. And I tried with an override in my template custom.css:
#ampz_inline_mobile {
background-color: none;
But it gets stripped.

Best regards
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